Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Night Before First Grade (Literature Based Lesson Plan)

Penny is beginning her first day of first grade tomorrow, and tonight she is preparing everything for the morning. Penny packs her backpack and lays out her new outfit and even packs her own lunch. That night Penny dreams of everything that the first grade will bring and playing with her best friend Jenny. Once the morning came Jenny ran to the bus to meet Penny and soon they were at school. Although Jenny and Penny were anxious to be in the same classroom together, they were disappointed to find out that the first grade classes were split, and they would be in separate classrooms. Penny plays all kinds of games during her first day, and even meets a new friend named Nina. In the end Penny finally gets to see Jenny, and introduces her new friend Nina while Jenny introduces Tina! The Night Before First Grade is an adorable book written by Natasha Wing and illustrated by Deborah Zemke. This is definitely a book that I would read to my students on the first day of school. The illustrations are very cartoon-ish and the rhyming story makes it fun to read.

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